duration: 12 min.
Concertino for percussion quartet and chamber orchestra
Wind ensemble version also available.
Commissioned by New World Symphony

Haunt of Last Nightfall (a ghost play in two acts) [2010]

duration: 32 min.
for percussion quartet and electronics
Commissioned by Third Coast Percussion.


Shock Doctrine [2009]

duration: 3 min.
for solo snare drum
commissioned by the Massachusetts Percussive Arts Society

[coming soon]

Three Sams (etudes) [2007]

duration: 12 min.
for solo percussion
composed for Sam Solomon.

[coming soon]

Speak Softly [2004]

duration: 5 min.
for four percussionists playing sticks of varying bigness

See performance videos by:

Line C3

Indiana University Percussion Ensemble

Hofstra University Percussion Ensemble