Title Score
Parts Rental Purchase of Full Set
$65(11×17) $500 / 225 N/A
(rental only)
RADIANT CHiLD (solo perc. quartet, sinfonietta)
$55(11×17) $300 / $125 N/A
(rental only)
Conspiracy Theory (big band)
$25(8.5×11) N/A $115
The Closed Mouth Speaks(baritone, orchestra)
$100(11×17) $500 / 225 N/A
(rental only)
Ashé – in memoriam Babatunde Olatunji (sinfonietta)
$45(10×13) $200 / 100 N/A
(rental only)
East Coast Attitude(wind ensemble) $65(11×17) $375 / 150 N/A
(rental only)
$55(11×17) $300 / $125 N/A
(rental only)
Screamer! – a three-ring blur for orchestra(orchestra) $65(11×17) $375 / 150 N/A
(rental only)
Valuable Natural Resources(for 12 players)
$55(11×17) N/A $150
how we got here (fourth evolution)(for 13 players)
$35(8.5×14) N/A $95


Title Score
Parts Rental Purchase of Full Set
Haunt of Last Nightfall (a death play in two acts) (percussion quartet w/ playback) $35(8.5×11) $200 / $90 N/A (rental only)
raw power(sax quartet) N/A N/A $45
“Dear Atticus” from Vinkensport(baritone, chamber ensemble) N/A N/A $60
“The Professional” from Vinkensport(soprano, chamber ensemble) N/A N/A $60
1986(string quartet) N/A N/A $75
Spalding Gray(mixed quintet) N/A N/A $80
from The Musical Illusionist(string quartet) N/A N/A $75
oh Gott, es regnet(electric guitar quartet) N/A N/A $95
Musik für den Schultheiß(string quartet) N/A N/A $90
Shock Doctrine(solo snare drum) N/A N/A $20
Three Sams (etudes) (solo percussion) N/A N/A $40
Speak Softlyfor four percussionists playing sticks of varying bigness N/A N/A $45
Red Scare Sketchbook(sax and percussion) N/A N/A $65
descanso (waiting)(mixed quintet) N/A N/A $55
Songs of Love, Death, Friends and Government(soprano, clarinet and violin) N/A N/A $55
Piano Trio(violin, cello and piano) N/A N/A $110
for Amos(violin, cello and piano) N/A N/A $45
descanso (after omega)(solo clarinet and ensemble) N/A N/A $55
descanso (after omega)(solo sax and ensemble) N/A N/A $55
descanso (after omega) (solo clarinet and playback) N/A N/A currently unavailable
Sunday Morning Trepanation (mixed quartet, playback) N/A N/A $90

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Rental items show prices for first performances, then prices for subsequent performances in the same season.
“Full set” includes 1 score and a set of performance parts.
Materials are shipped only after payment in full has been received.
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