Friday, July 31, 20208:00pm

The Conjured Life

The Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music kicks off with an Opening Night event reflecting on the Festival’s roots. Interviews with conductor, pianist, and former Cabrillo Festival Music Director Dennis Russell Davies and with composer, bassoonist Robert Hughes, reveal composer Lou Harrison’s personal and musical influence at the Cabrillo Festival. The event includes composer David T. Little introducing a recording of The Conjured Life, his Festival-commissioned work commemorating Lou Harrison’s centenary; and Harrison’s own celebrated Symphony No 3, commissioned by the Festival in 1982. Both works feature the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra; conducted in 1991 by Dennis Russell Davies, and by Cristi Macelaru in 2017.

Saturday, October 24, 20208:30pm

sweet light crude

Milwaukee, WI

Present Music blazes the trail for music-making online with cutting-edge music and visual presentation, in this highly-produced, on-demand concert, featuring Litte’s sweet light crude, alongside works by Frederic Rzewski, Gil Scott-Heron, and Emma O’Halloran. Klassik, one of Milwaukee’s favorite hip-hop artists, will be PM’s featured guest, performing his positive and innovative music with the ensemble.